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Why isn’t anyone looking for Orly Taitz’s birth certificate?

September 18, 2009

Birthers lose again in court

Another day, another loss in court for the "birthers."

Another day, another loss in court for the "birthers."

If I were a rude, illogical meat head, I would question this Orly Taitz’s citizenship.Orly Taitz_0195As-not-cropped She claims the President isn’t a citizen, but she sounds like an Eastern European prostitute (I don’t really know what an Eastern European prostitute sounds like, but it works for my purposes here).  Listen to her rant irrationally on Dylan Ratigan’s show.  At some point in the interview, I really think he contemplated calling the INS on her.  Funny stuff.


Ta-Nehisi Coates’ take on Barack and race

September 18, 2009

Testicular fortitude my friends…

Barack Obama, bourgeois in every way that bourgeois is right and just, will not dance. He tells kids to study–and they seethe. He accepts an apology for an immature act of rudeness–and they go hysterical. He takes his wife out for a date–and their veins bulge. His humanity, his ordinary blackness, is killing them. Dig the audio of his response to Kanye West–the way he says, “He’s a jackass.” He sounds like one of my brothers. And that’s the point, because that’s what he is. Barack Obama refuses to be their nigger. And it’s driving them crazy.

It’s about time.

Bill O’Reilly in favor of a public option? Does Fox News know about this?

September 18, 2009

“I want, not for personally for me, but for working Americans, to have a option, that if they don’t like their health insurance, if it’s too expensive, they can’t afford it, if the government can cobble together a cheaper insurance policy that gives the same benefits, I see that as a plus for the folks,” – Bill O’Reilly

Hannity and Beck are gonna be so pissed!

Tea party leader disgraces himself on CNN, and may or may not like nipple clamps

September 17, 2009

Normally I’m not a big fan of Anderson Copper and his show Anderson Cooper 360, but I just might have to start making it a part of my must-see TV experience.  Listen to Mark Williams, “Tea Party” leader completely piss all over himself on last night’s show.  For a leader Mr. Williams, you’re not exactly representing your cause very well.  Or are you…????  Check it out:

Let me see:  Hippies with boas, or bigots with signs?  Not much of a comparison to me.

UPDATE: Upon further examination, I have concluded that Mark Williams is a bigoted piece of trash, and he should be tied to a tree and flogged.  Repeatedly.  By Indonesian Muslims.  Asshole.

Some conservatives in New Jersey know the Anti-Christ when they see him, and apparently, they’ve seen him

September 17, 2009

Take a peek at this:

Locusts, and plagues, and health care reform...  RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Locusts, and plagues, and health care reform... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Frankly I don’t believe the President is the anti-christ, simply because the number of letters in his first and last name don’t match (Yes, I did count.  I feel so ashamed).  For those that do however, make sure you support health care reform.  It can only help when those plagues of locusts swarm down to devour your sacrosanct flesh.

Seriously, what’s up with that thirteen percent?  Come on people, get off the fence!

Health Wars: Obama Strikes Back!

September 17, 2009
He has to get his frustrations out somehow

He has to get his frustrations out somehow

What the hell is Michelle wearing?  Not that I care about such things, but that damn ensemble could light up Pennsylvania and 16th street.

What is Fox News doing?????

September 17, 2009

Are you serious?  Do they not check facts before reporting?  This must be that new “fair and balanced” journalism they espouse so vehemently.