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War Of The Blowhards: Glen Beck Being Attacked By The Right… And The Right?

September 23, 2009

s-GLENN-BECK-largeWell, I knew it was only a matter of time before conservatives woke up, and decided that the type of far-out conspiratorial lunacy fake millionaire populist Glen Beck espouses, was starting to give the party a bad case of hives.  Beck, who never misses an opportunity to be a propagandist shill for himself, recently stated in an interview with Katie Couric (Gasp!  Mainstream media devil!!) that he thought John McCain would have made a worse president than Barack Obama.  Hmmm.  Conservatives are coming out of the woodwork in droves to condemn the shill.  Here’s what Beck actually says:

Let’s start the cavalcade of anger with Mark Levin, a conservative syndicated radio host:

Levin fnishes with this:

I think there’s enormous confusion and positioning and pandering. It may be entertaining, but from my perspective, it’s not. It’s pathetic.

Peter Wehner, a former advisor to President Bush says that Beck is “harmful to the conservative movement” because he’s “erratic,” “bizarre,” and is too interested in “conspiracy theories.”

Conservative MSNBC host Joe Scarborough says “You cannot preach hatred. You cannot say the president is racist. You cannot say things that have very deadly consequences. I was in Congress in 1995.  I know where this can end.”

Finally, let’s end with that fabulous race-baiter, and all around good guy Rush Limbaugh.  Limbaugh calls Beck’s role in promoting the 9-12 protest “shameful and disingenuous.”

It is on folks!  The irony here is Beck not only enjoys this negative attention, he probably encourages it.  Then he can claim that he speaks for the disenfranchised, not the establishment.

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