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Tea party hypocrisy: Dick Armey thinks he is better than the people he claims he wants to help

September 21, 2009

Dick Armey is a former majority leader of the House of Representatives.  He now runs an advocacy group called FreedonWorks.  The group’s sole purpose is to stop health care reform.  Armey does not want the government to oversee any health care reforms because it may negatively affect HIS health care plan and his options.  This video clip examines the duplicitous nature of Mr. Armey, as he attempts to keep the very plan he thinks is “bad for America.”  I find the gall inherent in Mr. Armey’s actions stunning, and the gullibility of some of his tea party followers even more so.  Maybe they should have done their own research to determine the kind of man Armey truly is.  He is no man of the people.

He ‘s a liar and a hypocrite.

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