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Even the seeds used here are smarter than the Birthers

September 4, 2009


What a wonderful display by an artist at the Minnesota State Fair.  A local Minnesota artist created  a seeded display facsimile of President Obama’s birth certificate. Here’s the artist, Mark Dahlager of Saint Paul, on the process:

“It took me about 10 hours over 2 weeks — it’s not a technically very good piece (as evidenced by the lack of [an award] ribbon) — but I like it and I got to do a little spleen venting (which is good therapy).”

Birthers crap

Is he interested in debating the birthers on their issue?

I would have to answer your debate question much like Barney Frank did during his recent town meeting. There really is nothing to debate and I have no interest in debating with the equivalent of a dining room table(s). It’s just an expression of my wonderment at a depth of ignorance that is unfathomable.

Gotta love it.  For those of you reading this today, I am currently enjoying myself at said Minnesota State Fair.  I will be reproducing this great piece first hand, if I am allowed.  Hopefully, with a corn dog in my hand.  Nice work Mr. Dahlager.

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