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There’s nothing to change but change itself: The death of the status quo, the birth of snail porridge

September 3, 2009


Recently, I was drawn to an article in the Puget Sound Business Journal.  In the paper’s Insider section, Deirdre Gregg discusses the new rage in Seattle culinary circles- Molecular Gastronomy.  Molecular Gastronomy is the manipulation of food chemically and physically to create unusual taste combinations.  It is as fascinating a process as it is popular.  Most cities in America have young hip chefs performing this process for their patrons with tremendous results.

Reading this blurb in the Insider got me thinking.  Am I the kind of guy who can eat salmon poached in licorice gel, or snail porridge?  How many men would deign to put this type of concoction in their mouths?  Truly, technical innovations lay everywhere, even in America’s finest kitchens.  In our politics and in our culture, we are witnessing an evolution as well.  The body politic in America has changed.  More than ever, people are getting involved and making their voices heard.  It is a joy to behold.  America was built on participation and dissent, and the inclusion of all of her people will only make us a stronger, more inclusive union.  Gone are the days where the masses suffer indignities at the hands of the small elite.  We, the people, feel the power fueling every cell in our bodies.

Change is here, and it is nothing to fear.  It is about time.  We should all partake in that bowl of snail porridge without fear and recrimination.  We will all be better off for it.

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