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Is Oprah a racist? Glen Beck hates her and all black people: Race part 1

September 1, 2009

glenn_beck_burnSuppose you are Glen Beck, and you think that every black person who doesn’t share the same narrow world view you do, is prejudiced against you.  You decide to express your frustrations by staking out a juicy political foil to make use of your asinine rationale:  You choose to attack the symbol of racial cohesion, in their color-blind world.  You must make an example out of this individual, to buoy your already rock solid standing amongst the kooks and loons of the wingnut set.

So Oprah Winfrey, you have officially been outed by the people’s populist leader.  You have been outed as a racist, the preeminent race-hater in fact, since you hold the most prominent standing in our nation’s pantheon of black iconic leaders.  What’s that you say?  Beck never said any such thing about Oprah?  How do you know?  Everyday Beck has some wondrously insane rant, filled with subjective, pejorative, nonsensical crap. You never really know what he says exactly.

But I clearly heard him say several times, that Oprah’s goals all along were to brainwash the white masses through television waves, in order to subject them to a new world order.  This new order will finally establish the supremacy of a ruling egalitarian black class.  Black power has arrived, ushered in by the woman with the golden microphone.   People, from what I’ve seen, Glen Beck has a deep, biting hatred of black people and their culture.   It’s disturbing, and quite  frankly, it’s terrifying.  Take a look at this clip from his show early last week, and see if you can possibly dispute my claim:

See what I mean?  He thinks black folks are Communists and Marxists.  Van Jones is an emissary of President Obama, working for the Oprah Winfrey project.  They’re going to turn America into a European colony.   If that’s not blatant hatred and race- baiting people, I don’t know what is.

Glen Beck does not like black people.  Worse than that, Mr. Beck does not like Oprah.  She’s black.  This is a total affront to good common sense, and we need to take our country back from the likes of these emotionally inept criminals.  They enable chaos and foment hatred.  Oprah needs our help.  America needs our help.

[I love the music in that clip.]

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