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Update: Will boycotting Whole Foods work?

August 25, 2009

wholefoodsboycottHere’s an update on a previous post.  The boycott against Whole Foods, specifically for its founder’s opposition to health care reform, is rooted in strong social networking organization.  Here’s the Facebook page that now has over 27,000 fans.  In an interview, Mark Rosenthal and Steven Mikulencak discuss their motivation:

[The op-ed] lit a fire under me,” Rosenthal said. “This person was using his company as a sort of Trojan horse for a bunch of discredited, bad ideas that we have said no to over and over again. And it was just really frustrating because we had an election where we voted on these things, and we said no to these stupid ideas about deregulation being the solution to any of our problems. We’ve said no to the notion that ‘I’ve got mine and everyone else can go suck an egg.’

Hat tip to Creative Loafing and Cliff Bostick

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