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Just the facts Mr. President

August 13, 2009

President Barack Obama held a town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Tuesday to discuss his major initiative;  health care reform.  The president was greeted very warmly by the crowd of some 1,800 citizens.  This town hall meeting was subdued compared to other raucous gatherings taking place around the country.  I believe most of that had to do with the fact that the office of the president commands more reverence and respect, thus no boisterous behavior was accepted.  What did the president say to assuage the fears of  those against his plan?  Did he set the record straight about the misinformation disseminated over the last few weeks?  Take a look at how truthful (or untruthful) the president was at his appearance in Portsmouth, courtesy of


President Obama tried to sell his health care overhaul in prime time, mangling some facts in the process. He also strained to make the job sound easier to pay for than experts predict.  Continue reading at

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