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How to benefit from the post racial society without really trying part I

August 11, 2009


Here it is!  Pasted prominently on the front of the flat screen, the real Kenyan birth certificate for President Barack Obama.  It clearly specifies, in very easy to read print, that our nation’s 44th president is not only a naturally born citizen of Kenya, but also one of those Muslims.  Of course it doesn’t say that he’s Muslim, but clearly you can infer that fact from the obvious can’t you?  He’s African, so he must be a Muslim.  There are no Christians in Africa, at least ones that matter anyway.  Okay, let’s get back to the president now.  President Obama has misled this great nation of ours, in an intricately devised plot almost fifty years in the making, all for the sole purpose of becoming America’s first Kenyan president.  He even managed to enlist the aid of the entire state of Hawaii in his scheme.  Doctors, hospitals, governors, mayors, local fishermen, surfers, all of these people were complicit in this complex stratagem,that would rival and surpass anything any of our most brilliant military tacticians could ever hope to devise.

The result?  Mr. Obama has become the most powerful man in the world.  Absolutely brilliant!  To all of those disillusioned Americans, hoping to break through that concrete barrier to success and the American dream, know that in the post-racial society, anything is possible.  All President Obama had to do was nurture a deep-seated hatred of white people, and all of white society [including his white mother], and devise a secret plan to exploit his black heritage.  You see, by using his black roots, he could instill a pathological fear, pity, and guilt in the white establishment, in order to orchestrate his election to the presidency.  He understands white guilt, you see.  He must.  He’s African.  Once he tapped into that endless well, he was virtually assured a place amongst society’s elite.  What a coup!

You see folks, anything can be achieved in the post racial society.  All you have to do is dream.

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