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Strike two! Gretchen Carlson’s math is clunky

August 6, 2009

Last month I posted a blurb about Fox News’ Brian Klimeade, and his regrettable slip of the tongue. Today we have the second member of the triumvirate, Gretchen Carlson, inserting her foot into her mouth.   Here’s that portion of the transcript from the show August 4th.  Ms. Carlson discusses the Cash for Clunkers issue, and her home state of Minnesota.

Hat tip to Minnesota Independent:

CARLSON: I’m not sure on its face that this program really is all that it was billed to be, because how much energy does it actually take —

STEVE DOOCY (co-host): It’s a bailout.

CARLSON: Well, not only that, but I’m talking about the environmental aspects of it. I mean, how much do you really save in energy when you take a tremendous amount of energy to do what this video is showing you right here, which is destroy the car, which apparently didn’t get that much better gas mileage than the one that was purchased.

DOOCY: That’s a nice Volvo.

CARLSON: And then all those cars are going to go to a junkyard, so what does that do to the environment? Not to mention that now dealers have stopped offering this deal as of yesterday because the Senate decided not to pass, or take on that $2 billion infusion of money, so dealers are left on the hook — “Hey, if I’m not going to get my $4,500 per car from the government, I’m not going to continue to do these sales.”

CARLSON: By the way, I did my own crack research yesterday, spent a tremendous amount of time on this yesterday finding out information. In my home state of Minnesota, so far only two of these deals have actually been approved –


CARLSON: — by the government.


CARLSON: Two in the entire state of Minnesota. And then you wonder about whether or not these dealers feel like they’re going to get their money from the government. Not so sure.

Minnesota Public Radio: “2 percent of those transactions have received federal approval.” “A survey by the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association says that about 7,500 Minnesotans have taken advantage of the program so far. But the survey also says only 2 percent of those transactions have received federal approval, and 8 percent have been rejected, presumably for technical reasons, though dealers are resubmitting them.”

The same data is reported by the Minnesota Automobile Association.  7,500 people have signed up for the program. Federal funding has helped replace about 150 cars that were deemed fuel inefficient and old.  That represents 2%  (not 2).  There is a big difference between the two numbers, but I suppose her tireless research didn’t uncover that fact.

It’s like watching the Three Stooges over there, except the Stooges provide quality entertainment.  The crew at Fox and Friends just provide comedic fodder.  And material for the blog.

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