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A GOP faux pas? You decide

July 24, 2009

Watch this clip from Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO):

This video was made June 25th of this year.  Blunt is the chair of the House GOP Health Care Solutions Group.

This is Roy Blunt’s quote a few days ago.  Hat tip to The Plumline:

“Our bill is never going to get to the floor, so why confuse the focus? We clearly have principles; we could have language, but why start diverting attention from this really bad piece of work they’ve got to whatever we’re offering right now?”

Is he suggesting that there will be no alternative bill sponsored by the GOP because republicans have principles, and not ideas?  Is the real answer to health care reform the status quo?  Politics as usual folks.

update: Roy Blunt’s response:

“Our reform plan to lower costs, increase access, and improve quality was released weeks ago and it is well-known. There’s a variety of tactics that could be employed during the debate on the House floor and the leadership won’t make a final decision next week until the Democrats announce how they will proceed.”

More politics from congressman Blunt.  At least he managed to clean his mess a little.

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