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Monday weekend round-up

July 20, 2009

-Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.
Richard Bach

The Obama health care plan has run into a snag:  The CBO says it will increase the deficit.

The president’s budget chief says not so fast CBO.

ANOTHER Mark Sanford apology. (If God makes him a better man, I hope he starts by making him shut up)

The administration’s foreclosure plan doesn’t seem to be working.

CBS remembers the career of Walter Cronkite here.

Shocking!  The cruel inhumanity of Supreme Leader Khamenei’s regime in Iran.

Afghan Soldier CapturedThe Taliban has video of our captured soldier.

Tragedy in San Francisco:  Two light-rail trains collide.

Some republicans have become ensnared in the “Birthers” conspiracy.

Tom Watson does not make history at the British Open.

A Russian helicopter crashes into a NATO base.

Where are the diapers?  A toilet breaks down aboard a space station.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is back on the world stage.

Follow the magic wand!  Harry Potter does magic at the box office.

Fred Kaplan thinks Hilary and Barack have been good partners so far.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rejecting calls from the Obama administration to halt settlements in the West Bank.

Indonesian police have identified a bomb signature in the attacks on two hotels in Jakarta.

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