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The party of … fried chicken?

July 16, 2009

I want you all to watch the clip of Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele below.

What is your immediate reaction?  Okay, hold on to that reaction.  Now I discovered this clip on The Huffington Post, a pretty left-leaning site to be sure.  The title to the article by Bill Browning is “Steele: I’ll woo blacks to GOP with fried chicken and potato salad.” At first blush, the title didn’t seem to be too much of a leap, considering Chairman Steele’s knack for falling off the wagon with his left foot inserted in his mouth.  Browning describes him as the “Republican Joe Biden,” which is about as on point a description as you can get.  The Bizarro Obama maybe?  My point is Mr. Steele says some pretty outrageous things, meant to inflame some on the other side of the aisle, and energize his base and supporters.

After listening to this clip however, I’m pretty outraged.   I’m outraged at Bill Browning.  He  has manged to lure readers in by creating a blatantly false story.  There is no story here.  There’s no racist pandering or abject cowardice on Steele’s part here.  All I hear is a conversation between a student and Mr. Steele that is off the cuff and informal.   All I hear is  talk about having fried chicken and collard greens that was initiated by the student. The maliciousness that Browning is trying to paint Steele with is a ploy to create controversy.  And it’s wrong.  Democrats enjoy fried chicken as much as republicans do.  They’d just assume others buy it for them, then complain about the taste of it later.

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