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I swore I would never post about this again!

July 15, 2009

Unfair and unbalanced

Unfair and unbalanced

I am being sucked into this insipid argument yet again.  I have only myself to blame though.  Yesterday I wrote about a soldier who refused to report to Afghanistan, justifying his defiance by claiming that Barack Obama is not a citizen of the United States.  Since he is not a citizen, he cannot be commander-in-chief, therefore his orders can be disregarded.  Last night during segments of Special Report and Hannity on Fox News, hosts Brett Baier and Sean Hannity seemed to lend credence to the Birthers claims by not immediately repudiating them.  In fact, their reports do nothing but ramp up the false charges, and urge more crackpots and sycophants to join the Birthers cause.   Hannity even went so far as to call this story “controversial.”  What?  There is nothing controversial about this, and quite frankly I would be inclined to dig a little into Hannity’s background, and all those supporting this theory.   Fox news is culpable in perpetuating this travesty, and all of us should be paying closer attention.

Damn!  Just when I thought I was out….

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