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Al Franken’s opening salvo

July 15, 2009

Hat tip to Politico:

“I was a big fan of Perry Mason: I watched Perry Mason every week with my dad, my mom and my brother – it was a great show,” Franken said.

“It amazes me that you want to become a prosecutor based on that show,” Franken said. “Because in that show, the prosecutor, Burger, lost every week.” The crowd laughed.

He said that at the same time that he was watching the show as a kid, she was too, which he said was “pretty cool.”

But Serious Al Franken soon came back – questioning Sotomayor about whether the First Amendment guarantees that everyone should have access to the Internet and about her definition of judicial activism.

On the latter, she said: “That is not a term I use. Because I don’t describe the work that judges do in that way.”

But Franken said: “I think there’s been an ominous increase as to what think has been judicial acitism of late.”

UPDATE: Franken ends his statement with “Perry Mason” talk, asking which was the one case that Burger won. When she didn’t know, Franken said:  “Didn’t the White House prepare you?”

Very funny.  Good first impression in my book.  He showed impressive knowledge, and weaved bits of humor into pointed questions about internet regulation and judicial activism.  Color me impressed.

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