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Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearing

July 13, 2009

Update:  Senate judiciary committee is in recess.  The hearing should start up again shortly.

Some thoughts:  I found Senator Lindsey Graham’s speech compelling, thoughtful and down-to -earth.

Here’s a portion:

“Unless you have a complete meltdown, you’re going to get confirmed,” he said to her, prompting laughter from the crowd…

He then pointed to her work as a board member on a Puerto Rican legal advocacy group, saying that there can be “no more liberal when it comes to advocacy.”

But Graham — who weeks ago called on Sotomayor to apologize for her “wise Latina” comment” said: ‘I’m not going to hold it against you.” Other Republicans have held her association with the group against her.

“I don’t know how I’m going to vote, but my inclination is that elections matter.”

Fascinating stuff.  I wonder how his fellow republicans took that?  Plus, I said almost the exact same thing in a previous post.

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