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Monday weekend round-up

July 13, 2009

“I spent several years in a North Vietnamese prison camp, in the dark… fed with scraps. Do you think I want to do that all over again as vice president of the United States?”

Senator John McCain

The Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) excellent non-partisan take on health care. (This is a must-read for those lost in the partisan bickering.

How much work was actually accomplished by president Obama in Africa over the weekend?

Quote of the week courtesy of Politico “I justified my actions because I blamed my wife.” –Sen. John Ensign, in a letter written in February 2008 (and unearthed this week) to his mistress, Cynthia Hampton.

Vice president Cheney and his little CIA problem.

President Obama, meet Pope Benedict. VATICAN OBAMA

Will diplomacy work with Iran now that everyone believes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not the actual president?

The war in Afghanistan is getting more dangerous.

An account of what was in the major newspapers over the weekend.

I guess Frank Ricci likes lawsuits.

“Islam is of the devil!”

Will we really experience floods and other natural calamities if we don’t pass the climate bill?

If you’re ever in Utah, please don’t kiss your gay lover in public.

I guess the top ten reasons worked.

Is this the GOP’s method to recapturing the house and senate?

Sotomayor and the GOP prepare to do battle.

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