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Birthers update: Release the loons hall of fame

July 8, 2009

Someone please find it so they will shut up
Someone please find it so they will shut up

I believe that it’s in America’s best interest for me to chronicle the curious adventures of the real truth-tellers, The Birthers.  For those that do not know, here’s a brief explanation of the group and their mission from Ben Smith of Politico:

Out of the gaze of the mainstream and even the conservative media is a flourishing culture of advocates, theorists and lawyers, all devoted to proving that Barack Obama isn’t eligible to be president of the United States. Viewed as irrelevant by the White House, and as embarrassing by much of the Republican Party, the subculture still thrives from the conservative website WorldNetDaily, which claims that some 300,000 people have signed a petition demanding more information on Obama’s birth, to Cullman, Alabama, where Sen. Richard Shelby took a question on the subject at a town hall meeting last week.

Their confinement to the fringe hasn’t cooled the passion of believers; the obscure New York preacher James Manning turned up at a National Press Club session in December to declare the president “the most notorious criminal in the history not just of America, but of this entire planet.”

More Birthers “love” here from the conservative Right Wing News. Here’s the best part.  An email written from a Birther advocate reads in part:
I suppose it IS possible that you really do believe that “image” on the internet is a real, authentic birth certificate. But it’s more likely that you are not that stupid. After all, seventh and eighth graders at my school are smart enough to see the truth when it is right in front of them.
Conspiracy theorists are too invested in their “conspiracy” to ever let reason, facts, and truth cloud their cause.  It’s a pity, but I suppose this is the price you pay for free speech.  So march on truth-tellers.  March on into the abyss of fringe lunacy.  I’ll keep writing about you as long as you keep providing the material.

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