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Sarah Palin and the big roosting chickens

July 6, 2009

Quitters never win

Quitters never win

I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin.  I’ll admit that.  I don’t believe she has anything of substance to offer as a politician, and that’s really difficult since most politicians don’t have any substance anyway.  I think she’s all sizzle and no steak, aided by only her northern exposure charm and her “I’m a working mom just like you persona.”  I do respect her for it though.  She has channeled that image into a bigger than life figurehead for the GOP, garnering plaudits, praise and a one-way ticket to the republican nomination for the white house in 2012.  Sure her lack of  knowledge and refinement on EVERY issue may be a concern, but she had three years to stake out clear, educated solutions to the issues that Americans are facing.  All she had to do was perform her job well, keep a low profile, and work toward becoming a complete, credible candidate for the presidency.  She had a shot.

I am no fan of Sarah Palin, especially after the bizarre, selfish stunt she pulled the day before our nation’s 233rd birthday.  Why would you quit?  Let’s call this what it is.  It’s quitting a position from which you were elected by the people of your state less than two years ago.  It is breaking a promise to the very people you swore you would serve with distinction, honor and faith.  To me, this is giving up on the people when they need you most, when states all across America are struggling to balance their budgets, and close monetary shortfalls.  Sarah Palin is a quitter, and all of her personable charm does nothing to dispel that.

So, why did she do it?  Did she think that it would be easier to run for higher office free and unencumbered by the everyday stresses of her day job?  Is she truly being the “unconventional” candidate that some admirers so love about her, trying to shake up Washington from the outside?  Could she handle all of the scrutiny back home?  Palin seemed to be on the road quite often after the 2008 presidential campaign, drawing complaints from many Alaskans about her commitment to her elected office.  She railed against the media for the level of scrutiny they applied toward her and her family.  She fought back hard against David Letterman for jokes she felt (as did I) crossed the line of appropriateness.  Her crusade against sexist coverage by the mainstream media was a curious line of attack and defense, for a woman who carries the flag against victimization politics.   It was just a year ago Mrs. Palin had this most interesting exchange during a Newsweek interview:

That doesn’t sound like the governor today does it?  She is seemingly taking up the whining banner rather proudly is she not?  She’s preparing defamation suits against the media just in case they get a little rough with her.  It’s very disappointing.  Politics is messy and uncompromising.  Can the media be a little unfair and vicious sometimes?  Yes, she said that herself.  Do you have to trudge through it with your head held high?  Yes, she said that as well.  Perhaps she doesn’t have the nerve to deal with what she is going to face on the bigger stage.  Maybe the chickens that she fed for Hillary Clinton, are coming home to Wasilla to roost.  That would explain her leaving office early.  I think her cowardice is befitting.  She was the shooting star that shot her way past the earth, where there was no more oxygen left to sustain her.  Now, she has plenty of time to take care of those chickens.

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