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Monday weekend round-up

July 6, 2009



The Second World War: Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family take refuge from the Nazis by hiding in the attic of a house in Amsterdam.

Back to the grind folks.  I trust everyone’s holiday went well.  I hope everybody still has fingers to maneuver the mouse.  Let’s see what played out over the weekend:

Is civil war breaking out in Honduras?

Colin Powell cautions the president to take it slowly in implementing his agenda.

Will Israel invade Iran without the West’s approval?  Benjamin Netanyahu may be at a crossroads.

Steve McNair, you died far too young. What is the real story behind the story?

Some democrats are upset with the president’s stimulus package.

Could the Saudis be compliant with Israel on an attack of Iran?

The week in video courtesy of Politico.

First trip to Russia

First trip to Russia

The Obamas head to Moscow.

Should we expect to see another stimulus?  The Vice President thinks we misread the economy.

Americans still believe in the Declaration of Independence.

One of the best graphics I have seen in quite some time:  Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Taxpayer-funded Bailout Chart.

Trouble?  Obama health czar helped steer ethhically challenged companies.

Once again, North Korea violates UN sanctions.  This time they may have launched mid-range missiles.

Nope, no news about Sarah Palin.

Operation Strike of the Sword is moving quickly throughout Southern Afghanistan.

Fireworks horror!  A Bridge collapses after a fireworks display in Indiana.

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