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A bigot in the Pennsylvania statehouse

July 2, 2009

Keeping it real since 2009!

Keeping it real since 2009!

While the sentiments behind this line of thinking hardly come as a surprise, the words that state senator John Eichelberger of Pennsylvania uses definitely rise to the “shock and awe” category.  Here is an excerpt of an exchange between Eichelberger and state senator Daylin Leach:

Leach: Should our only policy towards [same-sex] couples be one of punishment, to somehow prove that they’ve done something wrong?

Eichelberger: They’re not being punished. We’re allowing them to exist, and do what every American can do. We’re just not rewarding them with any special designation.

You can listen to the audio from the debate here.

We’re allowing them to exist?  As opposed to what Don Corleone, executing them Colombian necktie style?  Thank you for your benevolence sir.  Ladies and gentlemen, the self-appointed purveyor of virtue and moral values- the forward-thinking and righteous champion of probity- John Eichelberger!

What an asshole.

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