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Monday morning’s one-liner recaps

June 29, 2009

When the hell is Al Franken going to be seated?

Governor Tim Pawlenty knows what he’s going to do once the Minnesota Supreme Court’s ruling comes down.

Is Barack Obama just like former president Lyndon Johnson?

Do we need stronger hate crime legislation?  Ask the vicitms after this horrifying incident in New York City over the weekend.

Man tries to run over his wife with truck.  It all goes down hill from there.

Paul Krugman thinks the president’s health care plan is not big enough.

There is an unease in the air, as U.S. troops begin to pull out of Iraq.

Michael Jackson was more than just an entertainer,  he was a unifier.

Michelle Bachman is mad as hell.  Why won’t she just please go away?

Does this decision by the Supreme Court signal a major shift on race and voting rights?

Will these ideas work for the administration as it prepares to deal with Iran?

So what do you think?  Is the climate bill a pile of shit?

Seriously, what is driving North Korea’s maniacal obsession with getting destroyed?

The problems in South America don’t just start and end with Hugo Chavez.

I think an “obamateurism,” is the same thing as a bush-ism.  I’m just not sure.  You be the judge.

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