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David Shuster becomes a hypocrite for calling Joe Lieberman a hypocrite

June 23, 2009

David Shuster is the daytime news anchor for MSNBC News.  He has a regular segment on his show called “Hypocrisy Watch,” or HW, which aims to expose individuals who seem to say one thing, then completely reverse course and do another.  Sometime last week, Mr. Shuster’s segment made mention of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, a frequent guest on the network as a hypocrite, for continually voting against President Barack Obama’s legislation, all the while heaping praise on the president and his policies in public.   Since that segment aired, Mr. Shuster has come under increasing fire from many corners including surprisingly, conservative commentator Michael Goldfarb.  Shuster was forced to clarify what he said.   While it is not surprising that Mr. Goldfarb would blast Mr. Shuster and call him a “liar,” it is fascinating to note that Mr. Goldfarb came to the aid of senator Lieberman, a former democrat turned independant, who caucuses with democrats.  That is hardly a match made in heaven, yet it served its purpose in exposing Mr. Shuster’s own hypocrisy.

Because of  Mr. Shuster’s gaffe and bluster, the Hypocrisy Watch segment has been scrapped.  So, the art of calling out the hypocrite is lost, because you are exposed as one yourself.  Irony, thy name is David Shuster.

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